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The Windowsill + RunningLate + Smashed Out

The Windowsill + RunningLate + Smashed Out

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the Windowsill | R'dam
Marien Nicotine of the legendary punkrockband the Apers asked his old bandbuddies Jerry Hormone and Ivo Backbreaker to join him when he decided it was time to put out a record. Later on Sander of Accelerators fame joined because he can really play and has beautiful curly hair.
The Windowsill's debut album came out in 2011. Their latest and 3rd album in the beginning of 2017. Other releases are four 7"-splits with Real Danger, Murderburgers, Horror Section and New Rochelles, and a 10"-split with DeeCracks. Not playing live that often due to other stuff be sure to catch them when they do...
And Sander lost his hair, all of it, in just under 6 years... very sad...

RunningLate Punkrock | Zwolle
Fast melodic punk rock with society critical lyrics and notable influences of Pennywise, Good Riddace, Satanic Surfers and No Use For A Name. 90’s (skate) punk rock like it suposed to be according to these guys. All of the above in combination with the shared love for punk rock and beer, pointless conversations and procrastinate making a proper band photo…

Smashed Out | LWD
Our nostalgic 90's punk rock sound makes grown up guys sob like a little baby and have them long for a time when skatepunk got the recognition it deserved, Vans Warped Tour still rocked and life without Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 was considered unimaginable.

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The Windowsill + RunningLate + Smashed Out

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